Tuesday, March 21, 2006

All hail, greetings and all that.

Hello, I'd like to welcome myself to your humble blog. Doughnut? Don't mind if I do. Uh, no thanks, that one looks a little old. I'll take a mold-less one - this one'll do.

I am GodaimeSama, which vaguely translates into 'Lady Fifth.' The fifth what, you say? I might answer, but then again I might not. I am the Xth member of our all-knowing community, and one of many worshippers of the god 'ECD,' or electric computing device, but as far as I know, the only vampiress in the vicinity. But don't you worry your little veins, because the price of blood is skyrocketing and I'd much rather make a profit than drink it myself. It tastes like oyster anyway. Did I mention how I hate oysters?

Being a vampiress, it's only natural that I'm dark. And I'm very much an overlord. But, sometimes, the job of overlording is too straightforward - then, we dark overlords stream into the darkness like a gila monster flushed down a toilet drain, to strike unsuspecting behinds at every turn.

But, the more creative ex-dark overlords become something we mortals only dream of - the dark underlord.

The dark overlord rules the world and brainwashes the masses into glorious submission. The dark underlord brainwashes the dark overlord so he/she rules the world without being the target of assassination attempts involving chicken feathers, tar, and a very, very depraved walrus. But let's not get into that.

The Dark Underlord manipulates and creates opportunities, without the stresses of being world dictator, like how many of this brand of patent leather shoes to buy. You know those shoes shine so much that if I so chose, I could see up Your Overlord's robes? The Underlord photographs the Overlord's underpants in the reflection and sells it off on Ebay to crumble the Overlord's reputation, or blackmails said Overlord into paying fifteen times its worth. In cash. And of course, the Underlord can dissapear back down the toilet hole again when they choose, to strike once again at an innocent person's bare buttocks. Oh, sorry, those were your shoes.

So deliberate, and deliberate wisely: Choose, young grasshopper, and the world shall be your oyster.

Did I mention how much I hate oysters?

This is GodaimeSama, signing off.


Blogger Edgy Swordbearer said...

Welcome. Glad you could be here.

Two things:
1) I prefer cover of darkness to cover of plumbing.
2) Make a move toward my neck and you may find your left pinky toe missing.

8:54 PM  
Blogger DarkLordRebel said...

Also Welcome.

Also two things:

1)I prefer the cover of not being in the vacinity

2)Make a move toword Edgy and I will distract him so he misses.

Also 2)I dont care if you make a move toword me because by the time you get there, I won't be

Also Also 2)Dont make a move toword Raptor because if you accidently hit a clone it is lible to be filled with acid or nitrogen or something like that

7:13 PM  
Blogger GodaimeSama said...

Now acid is tasty.

And cover of darkness? Over-used. That's the first place someone's going to look for a dark anything. Dark overlord, Dark-ness. I'm seeing a connection.

Cover of notbeinginthevicinity? Well, how can you tell where the vicinity is, hm? Tell me where the vicinity is right now.

You are always in the vicinity of something. Therefore logically, you can never not be in the vicinity. Making your point moot.

Seriously though, who looks for an Overlord (or underlord) in the plumbing? Perfect hideout.

As for the blood, well, the IBF's gone down again, so blood's going to be dirt cheap in a couple of days, and I've already got all I can sell before then. But the IBF's a fickle thing.

I'd never go for my fellow overlords, however. Never. Absolutely never.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

7:28 PM  
Blogger Edgy Swordbearer said...

No, a different cover of darkness. As in "ha-ha I'm in another dimension" type stuff.

And there's a reason the trick's still in the book. ^^

5:44 PM  

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