Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Collabrative Efferts (<--purposefully misspelled)

The Computer Nut: Well, I'm on DLR's compy right now, and we're doing a post together. So, what do you want to talk about?

DLR: Let's talk about dumb people who never post on here anymore. Like Raptor...

CU: Yes, let's. But before we get insulting, let us take a moment to reflect upon that big pile of whateveritwas we burned...

DLR: Oh, you mean Raptor's house?

CU: ...actually, it was his not-really-secret base of operations. But anyway, let's reflect. More accurately, since it's still burning, we can get a giant magnifying glass and scorch something else.

DLR: Why use a magnifying glass when we can use a laser? *makes laser sounds*

CU: Magnifying glasses are more energy efficient. Man, come on, just think of all the cooling fans we'd need by themselves! And stop that. *kicks DLR in the shin*

DLR: Oh yeah? *presses button and runs out of room laughing*

CU: Uh...*looks at laser button, then looks at button DLR pressed*...oh...crap...he...started...the...freaking...nuclear
...washing...machine...prototype...RUN FOR THE @#$% HILLS!!!! *grabs Hazmat suit and attempts to stop washing machine*

DLR: *laughing his head off in the doorway* Hahaha! I just switched the labels on the buttons! That was really the giant laser! (undertone: ...but I can't remember where I had the targeting coordinates set to...somewhere in Australia, I think...)

CU: You idiot. I had switched the cables around earlier to protect from moronic intruders! Put a protective suit on and help me keep this thing from putting the entire world in a nuclear winter.

DLR: Actually, that washing machine isn't even nuclear powered...I just told you that to keep you from toying whth it...and I thought it was funny.

CU: Oh...I...uh...kinda thought you'd just run out of nuclear energy...and...kinda... put a plutonium power core in the power supply. I found out it didn't work when I tried to wash my shirt and it melted. Not burned, melted.

DLR: This machine isn't for washing clothes stupid, its for torturing prisoners! My real doomsday device got confiscated by the HSA a few days ago. I've been tracking their movements using my targeting computer.....oh dear....

CU: Hey, this machine isn't even on. It still needs more shielding around the nuclear power supply, though, so...crap...poor Australians.

DLR: Quick hide before... *T.V. flicks on. Michael Eisner's face appeares on the screen yelling*
(removed for lack of interest. And cus...er...colorful language)

CU: I didn't know Disney ruled Australia too. Well, I'm out of here...

DLR:Me too...

*lots of running and blowing up of crap*

*cut to picture of washing machine with dramatic music. Screen blacks out with exploding noise.*

DISCLAIMER: Of course, none of this actually happened. Anything related to true people or incidents is purely coincidential. And we're pretty sure Disney doesn't rule Australia...yet.