Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Edgy's Tips for the Evil #1

Air Vent Security and Evil Plan Execution Factor

Evil Plan Execution Factor, or EPEF (pronounced e-peff), is a quality factor many of us overlords use as an industry standard for a measure of success. The factor is determined by taking an average of the success of all an overlord's career schemes rated on a scale from 1-10 by the panel of experts at Overlord Magazine, which is edited by a neutral third party to avoid bias, and has the best security system in the nation to avoid hostile takeover.

Now you and I have both seen multiple evil plans which have been foiled because some dumbbutt hero crawled through an air vent into the control room and hacked the system/changed the coordinates/sliced apart everything in sight with an axe. Therefore, the first order of security should be to secure the base's ventilation system. The trouble is figuring out how to secure the vents.

Although the most obvious solution would be to do away with air vents altogether, it is not a plausible solution because any great mind, however aligned, works best in a climate-controlled environment. Speaking of that, I need to go adjust the thermostat.

That's better.

Since air vents are a necessary part of the base, basic defenses should be implemented first before anything else is done. This could include occasional mesh gates, large labyrinths of intertwined ducts, and vent covers that cannot be opened using conventional screwdrivers. However, any self-respecting overlord who has ever seen a miniature laser cutting device in use should know that these measures are simply not enough, and secondary security devices should be placed.

Some of the more classic and entertaining security measures are motion sensitive spikes that will protrude from the wall whenever the hero passes them. However, to keep the hero from fooling the spike system, I suggest using heat sensors on the spikes as opposed to a simple motion sensor, as well as sensors completely surrounding the area so they can't cover themselves in tinfoil and just walk past very easily. If they make themselves completely covered, the software will recognize unusually unheated areas as well to avoid simple trickery. On a design note, conical spikes would be best for maximum penetration and least air resistance.

Another possibility would involve lead ball bearings shooting from one end of the duct to the other whenever an intruder is detected, working in similar fashion to the spikes. If the hero doesn't die from the bullet-like velocity, they'll hurt from the lead poisoning.

The third measure has nothing to do with the air ducts, and is quite simple: three guards at each duct vent.

Afterward, we raise the concern of duct cleaning. This is quite simple: use robots which will explode upon hacking. Either that, or have those clean the duct that are...expendable. No, scratch that, there's no such thing as an expendable lackey. Robots it is. If the robots fail, there's always the fire hose.

And you should never have to escape through the vent myself. That's what the one-way fire escape is for.

This way, the hero shouldn't be able to foil your plan, and you'll have a high enough EPEF to hit the top 10 list in Overlord Magazine.

Well, that's my tip for today. Until next time,

Edgy Swordbearer

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

All hail, greetings and all that.

Hello, I'd like to welcome myself to your humble blog. Doughnut? Don't mind if I do. Uh, no thanks, that one looks a little old. I'll take a mold-less one - this one'll do.

I am GodaimeSama, which vaguely translates into 'Lady Fifth.' The fifth what, you say? I might answer, but then again I might not. I am the Xth member of our all-knowing community, and one of many worshippers of the god 'ECD,' or electric computing device, but as far as I know, the only vampiress in the vicinity. But don't you worry your little veins, because the price of blood is skyrocketing and I'd much rather make a profit than drink it myself. It tastes like oyster anyway. Did I mention how I hate oysters?

Being a vampiress, it's only natural that I'm dark. And I'm very much an overlord. But, sometimes, the job of overlording is too straightforward - then, we dark overlords stream into the darkness like a gila monster flushed down a toilet drain, to strike unsuspecting behinds at every turn.

But, the more creative ex-dark overlords become something we mortals only dream of - the dark underlord.

The dark overlord rules the world and brainwashes the masses into glorious submission. The dark underlord brainwashes the dark overlord so he/she rules the world without being the target of assassination attempts involving chicken feathers, tar, and a very, very depraved walrus. But let's not get into that.

The Dark Underlord manipulates and creates opportunities, without the stresses of being world dictator, like how many of this brand of patent leather shoes to buy. You know those shoes shine so much that if I so chose, I could see up Your Overlord's robes? The Underlord photographs the Overlord's underpants in the reflection and sells it off on Ebay to crumble the Overlord's reputation, or blackmails said Overlord into paying fifteen times its worth. In cash. And of course, the Underlord can dissapear back down the toilet hole again when they choose, to strike once again at an innocent person's bare buttocks. Oh, sorry, those were your shoes.

So deliberate, and deliberate wisely: Choose, young grasshopper, and the world shall be your oyster.

Did I mention how much I hate oysters?

This is GodaimeSama, signing off.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


there are several new stuffs to see on the forum and They all revolve around me!!!

(It's because i'm just so cool)